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Tiger Hooded Towel: A Fun Gift for a New Baby

Tiger Hooded Towel at

This last summer when my friend was having a new baby boy, I wanted to make him something, but my mind was completely blank as to what to make. After I saw some of her nursery decor, which featured Calvin and Hobbes comics, I felt inspired and I knew what I wanted to create. Hooded […]

Pink Teddy Bear Hooded Towel

Pink Teddy Bear Hooded Towel at

I have made lots of hooded towels over the years, but they are still my very favorite gift to give to a new baby. I made this sweet, Pink Teddy Bear Hooded Towel for a friend’s new baby and I think it turned out cute, which all hooded towels seem to turn out being. Especially, […]

Easy Skirt Tutorial

Easy Skirt Tutorial at

A few days before Easter, yes a few days (I think I’m crazy), I decided I needed to make my kids some new Easter clothes. I didn’t have a lot of time, so they couldn’t be fancy at all, and I had to use what I already had on hand. I found some cute yellow […]

Simple Baby Quilt

Simple Baby Quilt at

A couple of months ago, a family from church had a new baby boy and I wanted to make the baby something special. I remembered that when our three-year-old was born a family friend made our son a little baby quilt and I loved it. I was so touched that she would spend so much […]

Homemade Fabric Doll

Homemade Fabric Doll at

When my youngest son got invited to a little girl’s birthday party, I knew just what I wanted to make her! Homemade dolls are so cute and this homemade fabric doll turned out darling. We were so excited to take her to the birthday party! We couldn’t get enough of her though beforehand and had […]

Ninja Turtle Hooded Towel Tutorial

Ninja Turtle Hooded Towel Tutorial at

When my husband was a little boy he loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Scott, his brother, and all the neighbor kids would jump on the trampoline pretending to be the Ninja Turtles. It is quite a fond memory, so of course his love for the Ninja Turtles has rubbed off on our sons. I […]

Pocket Bunny Tutorial

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at

I made this darling pocket bunny for my niece for her birthday, but think it would be a fabulous addition to any Easter basket. I found the pattern for the bunny at Martha Stewart and got the idea to add a pocket to this sweet little pocket bunny at Alice and Lois. Such great sites […]

Panda Hooded Towel Tutorial

Panda Hooded Towel Tutorial at

We have a sweet new baby in our family and there’s no better way to celebrate than by making a darling hooded towel! Surprise Staci! Don’t tell baby Sawyer…I’m sending it soon! I put together this little Panda Hooded Towel Tutorial for anyone who wants to make one too! A couple of weeks ago, my […]

How to Sew a Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag at

My children absolutely love stuffed animals! My boys make up stories and worlds with their stuffed animals, so it wasn’t a big surprise when they wanted beds for their stuffed buddies. I found this tutorial online about how to sew the stuffed animal sleeping bag by hand, but I wanted to make these sleeping bags […]

Polar Bear Hooded Towel

Polar Bear Hooded Towel at

I’ve talked about this before, but I love giving new babies hooded towels, so when my little sister had a new baby a little while ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her. My daughter and I made a trip to Target to find a towel and she had the brilliant idea […]

Yoda Hooded Towel

Yoda Hooded Towel at

I don’t know about anyone else, but my family is obsessed with Star Wars and can’t wait for the new Star Wars movie to come out in December. In fact, my husband has already purchased movie tickets so he can take our daughter to the very first showing at our local theater in 3D. So…just […]

Summer Tote Bag

Summer Tote Bag at

So, I made these cute little tote bags way back in May to give to my kids’ teachers at school and always thought in my mind that I would call them the Summer Tote Bag. Then life happened and the summer flew by and now it is autumn. Maybe I shouldn’t call them a Summer […]

Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic Fishing Game at

I made this fun magnetic fishing game for one of my son’s birthdays and it has been a hit with my kids ever since! We love to get it out and play with it together! I have made a lot of fishing poles, so everyone can play at the same time. Kids love to see […]

ABC Bean Bags

ABC Bean Bags at

My kids love to play with these ABC Bean Bags! They are a fun way for them to learn their letters. We like to pull them out of their container and try to put all the letters in order or name the letters as we throw them into a basket. We use them to practice […]

5 Little Monkeys Finger Puppets

5 Little Monkeys Finger Puppets at

Aren’t these 5 little monkeys finger puppets so cute! I think they are just about the cutest thing! I found this idea a few years ago on the blog, Homemade by Jill. She includes the patterns for all the pieces, instructions on how to put it all together, and the printable of the poem too. […]

Teaching Kids to Sew

Teaching Kids to Sew at

Teaching kids to sew can be so much fun! Our daughter has been learning how to sew and one of my favorite ways to teach sewing is by having “Sew Along with Me” sessions. When we do this, we set up both of our sewing machines and then do each step of the sewing process […]

Easy Reversible Table Runner

Easy Reversible Table Runner at

I have a sweet friend who was so kind and brought over some bags of fabric! She has great taste and I am so thankful to have some fabulous fabric to make some projects with. When I saw this yellow fabric from her stash, I knew what I wanted to make with it, a super […]

Birthday Striped Quilt

Striped Quilt at

In our family, the 8th birthday is very important! So far, when my kids have turned 8 years old, I have made them a quilt to help celebrate this special birthday! A couple of months our second child turned 8 years old and this is his striped quilt. He picked out all the colors, so […]

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