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DIY Holiday Pillowcases

DIY Holiday Pillowcases at

You know all those fancy magazines that advertise beautiful bedding for each season of the year? I love those and wish we could all have bedding that changes with the season … but since space (and funds) don’t always match up with our wishes, I think that our DIY Holiday Pillowcases are the next best […]

The Leprechaun Trap

Our kids love to set up a Leprechaun Trap the night before St. Patrick’s day to try to catch our Leprechaun, Beardy! Beardy has been playing lots of tricks on our family such as… making a mess with our books and…                   …toilet papering our bathroom! St. […]

Clover Hunt with Printable St. Patrick’s Day Coupons

shamrock hunt

Every St. Patrick’s Day for the last 8 years or so, we have been having a clover hunt! Our kids wake up to clovers scattered all over our living room, with this letter on the floor… (Yes, it is the same letter we’ve used for the last 8 years! 🙂 Can you tell it’s a […]

Leprechaun on a Ledge

Leprechaun on a Ledge

I first saw this little Leprechaun on a Ledge on one of my favorite craft blogs, I am Momma Hear Me Roar, a couple of years ago. Last year, I knew it was time to make one of our own! The Leprechaun on the Ledge is sort of like Elf on the Shelf that people […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is filled with lots of family fun! By popular demand, we are going to have Cupid’s Crazy Cafe tonight at dinner with our family. I found this last year on The Dating Divas and the kids absolutely loved it. Here are some of our dinners from Valentine’s past. […]

Valentine’s Day Countdown Family Tradition

Not only do our kids love being Secret Cupids, but they LOVE counting down the days to Valentine’s Day with this tradition.  I’m pretty sure this tradition is our longest running one yet.  We started doing this when our oldest daughter was only 6 months old! Each day I hide a heart, somewhere around the […]

Secret Cupids for Valentine’s Day

One of our kids’ favorite Valentine traditions is Secret Cupids.  The original idea came from here, but we changed it to meet the needs of our own family.  Basically, each child is given the name of another child in our family to be a Secret Cupid for.  Then, they receive a Secret Cupid sack which […]

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