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Primary Bulletin Boards at DoingSplendid.com

Since I have been in the Primary, I have made 3 different primary bulletin boards and I wanted to share them with you today! I love putting together the bulletin boards! It is definitely a part of my calling that I love! I’m definitely not perfect, but they have been fun and interactive and I love when the kids get excited about them too! Can you tell that I love making bulletin boards yet?

Here is the first one that I made for the 2014 theme, Families are Forever. It started out with just the outline of the temple and each month we would put a new puzzle piece on. The kids had a different challenge each month that they would complete that would help to strengthen their family. The challenges were things like: do a service project with your family, serve each member of your family, do something fun with your family, things like that. These challenges were meant to help the children build their eternal family, and as they did that we built the temple on our bulletin board. I found the idea here.

We also had an Articles of Faith tree. Each time someone memorized an Article of Faith, they could put a leaf on the tree. Unfortunately, we didn’t always remember to put the leaves on, but it still turned out pretty full by the end of the year.

Primary Bulletin Boards at DoingSplendid.com

The next bulletin board I made was for the 2015 theme, I Know My Savior Lives. I got the idea from the Book of Mormon treasure map that I showed here a few weeks ago. So, there is a place on the treasure map that corresponds with each monthly Primary theme. They include: Testimony Peak, Restoration Mountains, and Principles and Ordinances Forest.  Then our little people move along the trail stopping at each place for the month. There is Velcro on the back of the little people and then you can see some little Velcro dots as you travel around the treasure map. The kids also have a monthly challenge that corresponds with the monthly theme. The challenges are mostly reading different scriptures with their family, discussing an idea with their family, or teaching them the song we were learning in Primary. If they complete their monthly challenge, we give the kids a little piece of treasure to put in a little Primary treasure chest that we gave to them at the beginning of the year. The kids seem to really like it!

Primary Bulletin Boards at DoingSplendid.com

The last bulletin board I made was for an extra bulletin board we have in our Primary room. The other ward that uses our building asked it I wanted to be in charge of it this year and since I love bulletin boards, of course I said yes! It’s very simple. I just asked the kids to draw something that lets them know that our Savior loves them. It’s really very sweet!

Primary Bulletin Boards at DoingSplendid.com

That’s all I have for now! Have a great day and a great week!

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