Splendid Sunday: Being a Mom to Boys

Being a Mom to Boys on Doingsplendid.comGrowing up, I always wanted to be a mom and I thought that all or at least most of my kids would be girls. I was positive that my life would be filled with girls and all things girly! I’m not exactly sure why I thought that, but I grew up in a family of all girls and most of my childhood was spent with all my girl cousins. We had a LOT of girls around! Girls is what I knew!

at the parade

Fast forward a few years and my husband and I were expecting our first baby. A girl, of course! I thought that she would be the first of many. A few years later, we were expecting our second baby…a boy! I thought, “Sure, maybe I’ll have one boy, but if we have any more children, I’m sure they will be girls.” Then came baby number 3, which turned out to be another boy! Then came baby number 4. I was so sure that this one would be a girl that I even bought fabric to make a pretty, pink baby blanket. Of course, he was a boy too!

Here I am now, surrounded by boys, and loving it! I love having my daughter and all my boys! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I realize now that our family is just as it was meant to be. I wasn’t meant to be the mother to lots of girls, I was meant to be a mother to our daughter and lots of boys! Being a mom to boys has pushed me to grow in ways I was not expecting. I am so thankful for our loving Heavenly Father who knows us better than we know ourselves and sends us just what we need when we need it (even when we think we know better).

So, this is life! We get to do a little bit of girly, but we also get lots of dirt, rocks, and brotherly love (even if that love looks a whole lot like wrestling to me)!

This is what came home with us from the park…


Have a great Sunday!


  1. Patti Patti
    March 30, 2015    

    And loving, smart little boys they are. (Taryn too)
    I love them all tons!

  2. April 5, 2015    

    Thank you for partying with us at Idea Box!

  3. April 6, 2015    

    I love my two boys- I was very lucky to have them as I was told I would never have children, and they bring me so much joy. They also have two girl cousins and six boy cousins (soon to be seven) and it is so much fun seeing them play together as they are all very close in age. I was pregnant with my second boy at the same time as my three sisters in law, who all had boys too!

    • KaCee KaCee
      April 6, 2015    

      Boys are great! That is so fun that they get to grow up with so many cousins!

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