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Minecraft Collage

This last weekend we hosted a little Minecraft birthday party for my son! He absolutely loves everything about this game and honestly, I just don’t understand it (I think I’ve mentioned that before on this blog). So, of course I had to search for other people’s birthday party ideas that went along with his favorite game!

minecraft party

Here is that cute boy waiting for his party to start!

So, I love to plan parties for my kids, but I don’t have to time to do anything terribly elaborate, so we usually stick to the basics in decorations, food, and games and focus on the FUN!

Here are some simple, easy, and fun ideas that we found!

First off the food (the most important part, right?).

minecraft cakeminecraft party cakeAs you can see, I am not a professional cake decorator! 🙂 At least it tasted it good! We found the idea for the cake here! We also had ice cream. We bought the kind that come in the little cups. Kids really like those for some reason! For the drink we had this…

potion of healingWe got the printable for free here and taped them around little bottles of Hawaiian Punch. I thought they were pretty cute, though I have no idea what potion of healing is!

Now for the games…

When the kids first arrived we had them make a Minecraft mask using little squares of paper and gluing them on a square piece of cardstock with a popsicle stick attached. The kids made some creative masks. We got the idea from this post.

Minecraft maskAfter that, we had a little bean bag toss, inspired by this post.

minecraft bean bag tossAfter that we played a little pin the tail on the Minecraft pig. We got this idea from here. (The tails for the game were just pink rectangles cut from construction paper)

minecraft game

Then we played Minecraft bingo which we got from here.

minecraft bingo

Then we played a Minecraft mining game. I put a piece of candy in some plastic wrap and wrapped it up a little then added more candy and then continued wrapping until all the candy was gone and I had a big ball of candy wrapped in plastic wrap (does that make sense?). Anyway, one kid started trying to unwrap the big ball of candy and plastic wrap while we passed around 2 dice. Whenever someone rolled a double, they got a turn to try to unwrap the candy, while the dice continued going around, until then next person rolled a double, then they got a turn at unwrapping the candy in plastic wrap (I really don’t think its as complicated as I’m making it seem!). Anyway, I think most of the kids got a chance to try to unwrap the candy, but in the end, we still had to put all the candy together and then divide it to make sure they all got the same amount. Seven and eight year olds like to be fair. 🙂

The last game was a treasure hunt. The kids found clues around the house that led to a hidden creeper (which was a cereal box wrapped in green paper with a face drawn on). Inside the box was the Minecraft gold. We found this printable here.

Minecraft goldFor the decorations, we just hung up the Creeper balloons (the very first picture of this post, can you tell that I’m not an artist 🙂 ) around the living room and hung this banner between two Minecraft (looking) trees! Yes, we are clever!

Minecraft bannerAs the party guests were leaving we gave them this thank you card! We got the gum wrapper printables from here and made our own thank you notes. Click the link below for your own copy of the Minecraft thank you printable!

Free Printable: Minecraft Thank You

Minecraft thank youminecraft party printableI thought they were pretty cute! 🙂

I think the party was a success! We all had fun and got to celebrate our Trevor’s special birthday!


  1. Sherry Sherry
    March 14, 2015    

    What a great idea! Thanks for linking up to Funtastic Friday and sharing with us. Hope to see you again this week.

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