Tassel Garland Tutorial

Tassel Garland TutorialI made this garland for the Little Prince Baby Shower, that I posted about last week, and thought it might be fun to give a little tassel garland tutorial.

I know there are many tutorials for this type of garland, but I thought I’d throw mine into the mix as well. It’s pretty cute, if I do say so myself! It is now hanging in my boys’ room!

Materials Needed

  • tissue paper (one piece of tissue paper makes 4 tassels)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • string (for hanging it up with)

First of all, unfold and lay out your tissue paper.

Tassel garland

Then fold it in half length-wise one time (just like I wrote on the picture…I’m used to repeating myself, I’m a mom :))

Tassel garland tutorialThen fold once width-wise…

how to make tassel garland…and then fold width-wise again.

tissue paper garlandWhen it looks like the picture above it is time to cut. From the bottom, cut up until about 2 inches from the top (the top is where the fold is).

tassel garland 5Then unfold it one time…

tassel garland…and cut that piece in half. Don’t worry if your cuts are not straight. Mine were not straight and the end product looked fine. It is a pretty forgiving little project. 🙂

tutorial for tassel garlandThen unfold the tissue paper completely. You’ll have two smaller pieces and one bigger piece.



tassel garlandCut that bigger piece in half. Now you have 4 pieces that are about the same size.make your own tassel garlandAfter all the cutting is finished, roll and twist each of the four tissue paper sections so it looks similar to the picture below.how to tissue garlandThen, make a little loop with the twisted part.make tissue garlandPut a little dot of hot glue on there to keep it altogether.tassel garland tutorialThen you’re all finished…with one of them! Make as many as your heart desires! They are pretty fast and easy to make.tissue tassel garland

After you are finished making your tassels, just string them onto string, ribbon, or twine. I used a little piece of tape to keep mine in place on the string. Then hang it up and admire your craftiness!

Let me know if you have any questions about this and thanks for doing a little bit of crafting with me!


  1. March 27, 2015    

    This is such a great garland! I just bought a couple of these from Target and now I wish I didn’t spend the money and made them instead. Thanks for sharing. I found you on the mom blog party – great blog 🙂

    • KaCee KaCee
      April 6, 2015    

      Thanks Kelly! They are so easy to make; you’ll have to make them next time!

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