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Pocket Bunny Tutorial

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.com I made this darling pocket bunny for my niece for her birthday, but think it would be a fabulous addition to any Easter basket. I found the pattern for the bunny at Martha Stewart and got the idea to add a pocket to this sweet little pocket bunny at Alice and Lois. Such great sites and so many cute ideas!

Now I’m sure that you have someone that would love a pocket bunny of their own, so I put together a little tutorial for you.

Materials needed:

  • 1/3 yard fabric for the bunny
  • scraps of fabric for the pocket and ears
  • stuffed animal filling (affiliate link)
  • acrylic paint
  • sewing machine and supplies (thread, needle, etc.)

To make your own pocket bunny, you’ll first want to print out the pattern at Martha Stewart (the link above will take you there). Cut out the pattern and all the fabric pieces. Then cut out a 4×4 inch square for the pocket.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.com Then fold in the sides of your pocket square about 1/2 inch and iron. Then sew straight across the top.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comThen attach it to the bunny body piece by sewing around the bottom and two sides. Leaving the top open. Make sure the side you sewed in the step above is at the top of the pocket.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comThen sew the ears by putting the two pieces of fabric right side together and sewing up the two sides, leaving the bottom open. Then turn right side out. Then do the same thing with the arm pieces and stuff those with filling.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comThen fold the ears slightly at the bottom and pin.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comNow pin all those pieces onto the front piece of the bunny as shown.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.com Lay the back piece of the bunny, right side facing down, and sew around the edge. It gets a little tricky here, so just go slowly. Make sure you leave a little opening to turn it right side out.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.com And there it is after its sewn and turned right side out.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comNow stuff the pocket bunny with the stuffed animal filling and sew your opening shut with a hidden stitch.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comNow paint on some eyes and a nose.

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comAnd you have the darling pocket bunny! This little guy is so cute!

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.comWhat a perfect Easter gift! I’m sure I know a few stuffed animal fanatics who would love to add a little pocket bunny to their collection!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!

Pocket Bunny Tutorial at DoingSplendid.com


  1. March 19, 2016    

    This is darling! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday this week!

    • KaCee KaCee
      March 24, 2016    

      Thanks Emily! I appreciate you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! 🙂

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